व्यासपीठ पुणेकरांचे

हा ब्लॉग म्हणजे पुणेकरांचं व्यासपीठ आहे. तुम्हाला पडलेले प्रश्‍न, तुमच्या समस्या सुचलेली उत्तरं, पाहिलेलं चांगलं काही आणि कोणाच्या तरी पाठीवर मारायची थाप... हे सारं तुम्ही इथे "शेअर' करू शकता. पोस्ट, फोटो आणि व्हिडिओ साऱ्यांचंच इथे स्वागत आहे.अट फक्त एकच एखाद्यानं मांडलेल्या समस्येवर, प्रश्‍नावर इतरांनी उत्तरं सुचवायची!

संडे स्पेशल

अवतीभवती घडणारं काही खास...निवडक म्हणजे "ई सकाळ'चं संडे स्पेशल. सरत्या आठवड्यातील चर्चेची घटना आणि मराठी साहित्यात पदार्पण केलेलं नवं कोरं पुस्तक, असे दर आठवड्याला स्पेशल विषय. खास संडे स्पेशलमध्ये.


प्रवाशांशी गैरवर्तन...

जादा भाडे आकारणाऱ्या किंवा प्रवाशांना नकार देणाऱ्या रिक्षा आणि टॅक्‍सी चालकांना कठोर शिक्षा देण्याचा आदेश राज्य परिवहन प्राधिकरणाने दिला आहे. याबाबत सर्व प्रादेशिक परिवहन प्राधिकरणांना आणि प्रादेशिक परिवहन कार्यालयांना कळविण्यात आले आहे. कारवाईबाबत राज्यात एकसूत्रता असावी, यासाठी हा निर्णय घेण्यात आला आहे. त्यानुसार कायदेशीर भाड्यापेक्षा अधिक भाडे आकारणे, उतारूंची ने-आण करण्यास नकार देणे, उतारूंशी गैरवर्तन करणे अथवा उद्धटपणे वागणे याबाबत रिक्षा व टॅक्‍सी चालकांना शिक्षा करण्यात येईल. पहिल्या गुन्ह्यासाठी पाचशे रुपये दंड आणि दहा दिवस परवाना निलंबित, दुसऱ्या गुन्ह्यासाठी एक हजार रुपये दंड आणि एक महिना परवाना निलंबित, तिसऱ्या गुन्ह्यास अडीच हजार रुपये दंड आणि तीन महिने परवाना निलंबित करण्यात येणार आहे. एखाद्या चालकाने चौथ्यांदा गुन्हा केला, तर वाहनाचा परवाना; तसेच रिक्षाचालकाचा परवाना रद्द करण्यात येणार आहे.

रिक्षा आणि टॅक्‍सी चालकांबाबत राज्यात सर्वत्र मोठ्या प्रमाणात तक्रारी येत होत्या. त्यामुळे राज्य प्राधिकरणाच्या बैठकीत परिवहन आयुक्तांनी याबाबतचा प्रस्ताव मांडला होता. सर्व राज्यात कारवाईबाबत एकसूत्रीपणा असावा, या उद्देशाने हा निर्णय घेण्यात आला आहे. प्रवाशांनी तक्रारी प्रादेशिक परिवहन कार्यालयाकडे कराव्यात, असे आवाहन करण्यात आले आहे.
राज्य परिवहन प्राधिकरणाने निर्णय घेऊन प्रवाशांना दिलासा दिला आहे. कारण गेल्या काही दिवसांपासून प्रवासी या प्रकारच्या समस्यातून जात आहे. पुण्यातील रिक्षावाल्यांची कीर्ती तर जगभर पसरली आहे. त्या पार्श्‍वभूमीवर त्यांच्या गैरवर्तणुकीवर जरब बसवण्याचा हा प्रयत्न उल्लेखनीय म्हणता येईल. जवळचे भाडे नाकारण्याच्या अडमुठेचापणाचा तर हे रिक्षावाले कळस गाठतात. त्याच्या जोडील उद्‌धटपणा असतोच असतो. मात्र, प्राधिकरणाने घेतलेल्या निर्णयाची चोख कारवाई करावी, एवढीच अपेक्षा.


  1. Sanjay Datar said...

    I visited Pune in Februay/March of 2008. I live/Work i US so I have to depend on rickshaw whenever I visit pune. I really welcome this action from govt to punish rickshaw drivers who on active duty refuse the customers and favors customers going only in specific area. I had a lot of trouble dealing with such situation, once I complained to a neareby traffic police, still he couldn't help me. I whole heartedly welcome such a decision, which will relieve sufferings of people like me.

  2. Anonymous said...

    It's the economy(ics), stupid!!!

    Yes, catch the poor Rikshaw fellow. But ever think about why a rickshaw driver would refuse to take you to a certain place even though he earns money doing that? Did any grocer refuse to sell you goods or cloth merchant was reluctant to sell? Did an airline every refuse you a ticket despite having vacancies if you paid the available fare? Did a car dealer refuse to sell you a car at a price at which he listed it? The answer is NO to all of thse, right? But Why? The reason is simple. The market forces drive the prices of all those services.

    Rickshaw however must charge what a government official thinks he should!!! They don't get paid more for being polite, maintaining their vehicles in good condition or accepting the destinations from where they may not get return passengers easily.

    Here's a way to improve that.

    Privatize the regulation of taxis/Rickshaws and hand it to their unions. Each cab owner will affiliate himself with a particular union and the union will decide on the rates and regulation for those rickshaws. Each Rickshaw will display their union name on the vehicle. Thus:

    - A good union will maintain discipline, have courtenous drivers
    who never refuse service and maintain their vehicles well. Rickshwaws belonging to such union will command higher fares and hence will be more profitable to the operators.

    - Less reputed unions will command lower rates and will also supply a segment of market that does not mind rude and reckless auto drivers but at lower rates!!!

    In the current system, Rickshaws are just like indian airlines or ST bus service where there is no incentive for anyone to provide good service to passengers.

    If the government really want to crack down on somebody, they should crack down on corruption in RTO and police deparments. They issue licenses to folks who should not be driving, pass the vehicles which should not be on the road, and let go offenders at a fraction of the price of a fine by collecting bribes. Now, this is killing people on the road everyday.

    I know I don't like a rude RikshwaWallah. But what I really really don't like is to die!!! Why don't they fix the RTO and police first? Is it because the bribes reach all the way to the top??? And poor rickshaw fellow need to discard his "polluting" vehicles after certain years because this very government is allowing the junk technology of two stroke engines from the 50's to be sold in the country???

  3. Shrikant Atre said...

    Its ambiguous what does it mean. Do travellers have to travel to RTO office and write an FIR, typical police style ? No way, you wont get even one single complaint as people know its better to suffer than to go that corrupt way. Eventually the GOONDA Gang of Rikshawallahs will come to your home and threaten you and your family. Will the RTO then provide security to these probable threats to those who dare to complain ?
    It is better that an RTO deputes retired home-guards near each rikshaw stand. These people be allowed to settle all disputes there itself and also their wages can come from such fine collections on-the-spot. Quick Justice must be done w/o trapping the already poor complainant.

  4. SSM said...

    yes its right direction but with wrong intentions. Before fixing rickshaw wala's fix public service departments. Link is from top. Off-course rickshaw waala's are one of the main problems in pune, pimpri-chinchwad. They do fool people if he is new to area and doesnot charge on meter. If meter is fixed it will be already tampered. And there is no check from traffic department. Rickshaw wala union is a not for good resason but its a set of holigans (baba aadhaw is head of that). Fix all of them surely rickshaw business will grow well and public will be happy too.

  5. Haresh Devi said...

    If rickshaw driver refuses to extend customer service and not ready to go at specific area then -
    1. Where and whom should we contact to?
    2. What are the phone numbers to contact and give complaint?
    3. Would we get proper response from the person to whom we have contacted?
    4. Would we get compalint number?
    5. What time entire process will take to action on rickshaw driver?

    Taking decisions is NOT enough. We need QUICK ACTION against such rickshaw drivers. Coming four months of mansoon would prove the sincerity of the RTO decision.

    Entrace gate at SWARGATE is the testing area where any passenger can go and try hiring auto for Parvati or Sahakarnagar and see that the passenger has to request atleast 2-3 rickshaw drivers. There is a police booth. However, most of the times it is observed that, booth is driven and occupied by many of the rickshaw drivers and appointed police himself is not there.

    One more thing I observed that there are couple of rickshaw drivers who has knife in their pocket. They target some S.T. Passengers, threaten them and take into Rickshaw. Nobody utters any single word about this.


  6. Abhijeet said...

    We have been facing trouble with Rikhsaws that stand in front of our society. We being in Wadgaon Sheri near Kalyani Nagar, don't have proper public transport. Rikshaw owners know that these society people don't have options and ask for extra money everytime. Just to go from Wadgaon Sheri to Kalyani Nagar, which is 2-3 kms, they ask for Rs 25-30 which is not more than Rs 15 by meter.

    I have seen specially elderly people and women are troubled by these Rikshaw waalahs.

    As Haresh Devi asked few questions in the beginning of his comment; is there any phone number to contact to and pass on the complaint?

  7. Anonymous said...

    The decision is impressive but need to implement. I know the behaviour of Puneit's Autorikshaw drivers with passengers. Strongly appriciate the decision and expecting very positive attitude and action from police dept. Also need to take action on non using of Meter in subburns of Pune like Wadagaon sheri area. Thanks for eSakal to post this news & blog... I am adding my complaint from Vancouver, Canada. Because I had very bad expereince's from Auto riksha drivers in Vadagaon sheri before 7 months.

  8. Shilpa P said...


    This is indeed a very good decision taken and need to be implemented. I went through the comments left earlier here and my experience is no more different. Today morning, I'd been asked to pay Rs.5/- extra to travel from Citypride(Kothrud) to Nal Stop Signal. And usually I've to pay Rs. 10-20/- extra to reach my home at Warje from Nal Stop. Pune Autowala's are really very bad and always try to take our disadvantage in the late evening hours, especially after 8pm.

  9. Anonymous said...

    I am living at karve nagar, pune & my office is near garware college.At shreeman society's auto stand ,auto drivers always refuse to come at garware college.At that time buses are always full.Noone cares for that.I challenge the corporators residing that location to drive from bus or auto at 9.00 to 9.30a.m.
    I really welcome this action from govt to punish rickshaw drivers who on active duty refuse the customers and favors customers going only in specific area.
    Otherwise do not allow them to stand there.

  10. Shilpa Dahotre said...

    I am living at karve nagar, pune & my office is near garware college.At shreeman society's auto stand ,auto drivers always refuse to come at garware college.At that time buses are always full.Noone cares for that.I challenge the corporators residing that location to drive from bus or auto at 9.00 to 9.30a.m.
    I really welcome this action from govt to punish rickshaw drivers who on active duty refuse the customers and favors customers going only in specific area.
    Otherwise do not allow them to stand there

  11. Anonymous said...

    I whole heartedly welcome this initiative.

    Pune is definitely loosing its charm for various reasons. May be because of excellent planning of road work, public transport, utilities and discipline on the road etc. etc.

    These Rickshaw fellows are taking ride on all these excellent planning is not surprising !

    What these rickshawallas do is collectively they will ask for more money especially on short trips and when they are little away from the main city.
    If one person demands Rs. 20 where actual cost could be 10 or 15; others in the queue will demand the same. In this situation the passenger has no other option but to surrender to their demands or else find his/her own other way.

    Adopting longer route is routine experience.
    If you try to get help from police sometimes you are lucky but most of the times you have to forget and spend more.

    Along with this initiative municipal corporations should also strengthen the public transport and reduce the dependence on rickshaws. this will not only save the fuel but also the pollution and congestion of the traffic at important places like Swargate !.

    The police have to take more active part in initiative but the passengers can only pray to god !!!
    See the situation at Swargate; just in front of the police station right amidst the very very busy swargate square the rickshaws are most indiscipline and they take passengers for granted

  12. Anonymous said...

    most of the rickshaw driver's are very rude....
    I dont what they think abt themseleves.. I got very bad experience almost every day...

  13. Yogi said...

    Good decision.Whenever any traveler in my relation comes to pune.I had to tell them that dont travel with Rikshaw. All these Rikshawalas think new possible ways to cheat people. Most of them are like that.Not all but "olyabarobar suka pan jalata".
    Most of the time when I came to pune from outside, rikshawalas took me home with long routes.They check by asking questions like" should we go with route A or route B". So if person is new to Pune he will say any route.
    When any travel bus comes to the stop, these guys comes like crows and vultures and dont offer people to take home with meter fare. Last time one auto guy told me Rs 150 from Swargate to Jangali maharaj Rd. From shivajinagar station , you will never get auto to go to Deccan.
    These guys needs to be controlled. Their stories are rising like "wadhata wadhata wadhe bhedile shunya mandala"

  14. Anonymous said...

    I welcome this decision completely.

    I would like to mention a particularly ugly incident that happened with my husband at the Pune Railway Station Rickshaw stand.

    My husband alighted at the Pune Railway station with two big suitcases (ironically they were empty, as he had come to pick me and our son to leave for the US, as we were carrying stuff from here).

    As he crossed the rickshaw stand the drivers started harassing and calling out to him. When he did not respond to them some of them mentioned about the bags that he was carrying and that they should cut him up and put him into the those bags for not "responding" or hiring their vehicles!!

    I have lived in Pune all my life but now I am so ashamed because this is how people entering the city are greeted with intimidation and goondagiri!!

  15. Anonymous said...

    The fact that the cops have to start a special campaign against rickshaw-wallahs shows that the administration has failed on this front as on every other front due to corruption, lack of motivation and sheer incompetence.

    You know that corruption, mismanagement and lack of motivation is a common problem to all the government departments.
    Evenyone is listing the symptoms of that but I am not seeing a single reaction to my proposal in the second posting titled "It's the economy(ics), stupid!!!" . Should we not first try to understand the problem, rather than just rant about the symptoms??

  16. Abhijeet Inamdar (Pune) said...

    I agree that the rickshaw walas in Pune have turned out to be more rude to others. But its not just the case in Pune. The case in Bangalore and Chennai is worse than Pune.
    If the Government plans a punishment it should be imposed throughout the country. The rickshaw walas from other states should be not be spared. If anything is to be regularised, let it be equal among all major cities in India.
    I paid Rs. 200 from airport to my Guest house in Chennai. Then I consider it to be fair enough for a person from outside Maharashtra paying such a big amount of money for rickshaw in Pune.
    If such punishments are imposed, only 1 community will suffer i.e. Marathi People. When we go in other states we pay more. And when others arrive in our land, they pay less and enjoy.
    If the State Government plans for such actions, it should coordinate with other State Governments and implement them.

    Abhijeet Inamdar.

  17. Anonymous said...

    The same thing happens at Mumbai Air port taxi. THey pick you up at Air port as per the law in front of the police and they will take you on a long route. If you reject the route, as you know a better and nearer route, they will drop you off in the dark. Many people and families have suffered this situations. And most of the voicing people are Marathi, who dont want to be taken for a ride. All these Taxi and Auto Drivers and owners are either from Bihar, UP or from Outside Maharashtra.

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