व्यासपीठ पुणेकरांचे

हा ब्लॉग म्हणजे पुणेकरांचं व्यासपीठ आहे. तुम्हाला पडलेले प्रश्‍न, तुमच्या समस्या सुचलेली उत्तरं, पाहिलेलं चांगलं काही आणि कोणाच्या तरी पाठीवर मारायची थाप... हे सारं तुम्ही इथे "शेअर' करू शकता. पोस्ट, फोटो आणि व्हिडिओ साऱ्यांचंच इथे स्वागत आहे.अट फक्त एकच एखाद्यानं मांडलेल्या समस्येवर, प्रश्‍नावर इतरांनी उत्तरं सुचवायची!

संडे स्पेशल

अवतीभवती घडणारं काही खास...निवडक म्हणजे "ई सकाळ'चं संडे स्पेशल. सरत्या आठवड्यातील चर्चेची घटना आणि मराठी साहित्यात पदार्पण केलेलं नवं कोरं पुस्तक, असे दर आठवड्याला स्पेशल विषय. खास संडे स्पेशलमध्ये.


स्किम्स आणि स्कॅम्स...!

ग्राहकांना आकर्षित करण्यासाठी प्रत्येक उत्पादक कंपन्या भुलविणाऱया शब्दांचा वापर करतात। ई सकाळकडे एका वाचकानं त्याला आलेला अनुभव पाठविलाय। तो साऱयांनाच उपयोगाचा ठरेल।

हा मेल जसाचा तसा -

I would like to report a fraud currently going on in Pune on the advertising being posted in the newspaper। Though this may not be a big scam but this creates lot of discomfort for the customer

Here are the details
In Times of India on Friday dated 04-Apr-2008, there was an advertisement for following items
Store Name: e-Store, Baner
Website: www.estoreindia.co.in

Items: 1 GB Pen Drive for Rs 99, USB Optical mouse for Rs 49, Laser Printer for Rs. 1999 and so many ओठेर्स

When I visited the store, I found that all the offers were only after purchase of the laptop। It was so frustatइनg to drive for around 10 Kms to know that this was all fraud and I feel cheated।

When asked to the shopkeeper, he bluntly said that we have mentioned in our ad that "conditions apply"

But I would like to raise this concern that does mentioning "conditions apply" means that you can write anything into the ad। Is it not against the business ethics to be followed।

I will be more than happy if you can investigate this and publish the same in detail in your newspaper so that other does not suffer the same was I have।

My only point is that the advertise should be as accurate as possible and should not be just intended to attract and cheat customers।

I appreciate your help


  1. Anonymous said...

    I fully agree with ur distress. i too fell in trap of this useless add for selling tatasky for 999, but the useless estore wala said its on purchase of laptop. Estore and others like this sucks when they fraud such adds in paper with a small * in that. where can we put a legal notice or report such frauds..police is not going to take any actions on this!!
    just boycott these things.

  2. Neo said...

    Spread this through various blogs and websites. Spread this using mouth publicity. Let's close this shop together.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Dont you feel that it is really stupid to run behind cheap offers.
    Atleast the educated should not be trapped. Its the same like some old lady is offered a kilogram of gold for 500 Rs and fooled.

  4. captsubh said...

    रोजच अशा निरनिराळ्या तर्हेच्या फ़सवणुकीच्या ताज्या बातम्या येत असतात तरीसुद्धा कांही लोक त्यातून शिकतांना दिसत नाहीत.
    लाख रुपये अकौंटमधून काढणारा महाभाग २-३ लहान रकमेच्या नोटा खाली पडल्या आहेत हे ऐकून त्याची मुख्य ब्रिफ़केस खाली ठेवतो व गमावतो,सोन्याला पोलिश करून देतो म्हणल्यावर काही बायका दागिने देतात व चोराच्या हातचलाखीने गमावतात,खूप पैसे असलेले बटवे लोक स्कूटरच्या डिकीत वा गाडीच्या सिटवर ठेवून होटेलात चहा प्यायला जातात व सर्व गमावतात!
    ज्या पेन ड्राईव्हची किंमत ५०० रुपयांच्या खाली नाही किंवा अशाच कांही गोष्टी १० टक्क्याने मिळत आहेत यावर कुणी विश्वास ठेवला तर त्याचीपण तेवढीच चूक आहे,कारण आजकालच्या झटपट श्रीमंत व्हायच्या अप्रामाणिक युगात हे प्रकार चालतच रहाणार व त्यातून सावधगिरी ग्राहकांनीच बाळगायची गरज आहे!
    तरीसुद्धा लेखकाने प्रामाणिकपणे या प्रकाराला न भूलता "सकाळ"च्या सौजन्याने हा विषय येथे आणला त्याबद्दल त्याला धन्यवाद!

  5. Yogesh said...

    Yes I agree that this should be spread on every blog site so that atleast people will not spend their precious time and money on petrol.
    Evenif advt mentions *condition apply, they need to mention all condition at the bottom of the advt.I think this needs to be done mandatory by consumer society.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Stop shopping on the web. Go to a legal, registered shop to buy computer items. Dont buy for less, the pen drive, flash drive, hard drive, CD Head may be damaged or burned. Once you buy it, you cannot return it. So be safe. Pay little more but buy from a registered agency, and probably who has exchange or return policy.

  7. Sanjeev said...

    Yes, I fully agree with you. Such advertisement should be considered as proof for cheating customer and such shops/companies should be pulled to consumer court.
    Recently i also came across such incident. On a famous biscuit pack it was mentioned that " 20% more" When i purchased the pack, i found that the contents of Biscuits were same as usual. When i checked in depth i found that and it was mentioned in fine print on pack that "20% cashuenut content more"

    As this is the practice, our elders have said
    Just dont take this ad seriously.

    Sanjeev Patil Pune

  8. Anonymous said...

    I'm fully agree with ur blog. Every one should publisice these matters ... and there should be some rules govern by the consumer court for writing "conditions apply" term.
    Every Add should have limitations for conditions apply. Other wise the people like "E-storeIndia" will fool various people....
    But due to ur efforst now many IT people will not go to that shop anytime.
    thanks for sharing the experience.

  9. Noel said...

    I will have to differ from many of you posted here that its cheating. They are doing business and they want to attract customers. They want you to stop by the store and purchase something else too. Thats the typical marketing strategy. If you don't see note like "Conditions Apply" or Sale "upto" 70% then you have started shopping independently just yesterday. Apologies for being blunt but that is the truth from where I see it. You have to judge yourself, is this price too good to be true? If yes, what could be the reason, either its fraud or too cheap to buy (crap dumped by China) Are you interested in any of those? Judge yourself.

    Nowadays in India, everybody want to become rich quickly (by deceiving somebody else) so dishonesty is rampant. Probably, you are also part of it so how can you complaint about such thing? If you talk of honesty, (even educated) people laugh at you and that is the sorry state of our country..

  10. Anonymous said...

    100% agree..... I would like to tell all consumers that now its high time, we should start neglecting the ads wich has astrix stating "Conditions Apply".
    Offer has to be straight forward !
    If we show consumer's unity, then no trader will dare to fool us.

  11. Anonymous said...

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