व्यासपीठ पुणेकरांचे

हा ब्लॉग म्हणजे पुणेकरांचं व्यासपीठ आहे. तुम्हाला पडलेले प्रश्‍न, तुमच्या समस्या सुचलेली उत्तरं, पाहिलेलं चांगलं काही आणि कोणाच्या तरी पाठीवर मारायची थाप... हे सारं तुम्ही इथे "शेअर' करू शकता. पोस्ट, फोटो आणि व्हिडिओ साऱ्यांचंच इथे स्वागत आहे.अट फक्त एकच एखाद्यानं मांडलेल्या समस्येवर, प्रश्‍नावर इतरांनी उत्तरं सुचवायची!

संडे स्पेशल

अवतीभवती घडणारं काही खास...निवडक म्हणजे "ई सकाळ'चं संडे स्पेशल. सरत्या आठवड्यातील चर्चेची घटना आणि मराठी साहित्यात पदार्पण केलेलं नवं कोरं पुस्तक, असे दर आठवड्याला स्पेशल विषय. खास संडे स्पेशलमध्ये.


आपलं पुणं खरंच सुरक्षित आहे?

काल कोथरूड भागातल्या वेदविहार सोसायटीत दरोडा पडला. तीन-चार दरोडेखोरांनी पिस्तुलाचा धाक दाखवून घर लुटलं. मोठी सोसायटी, सुरक्षित मानला गेलेला भाग, सोसायटीची सुरक्षा व्यवस्था हे सगळं असूनही दरोडा पडला. यातूनच प्रश्‍न उभा राहतो, खरंच पुणं सुरक्षित आहे?
सुरक्षित नसल्यास काय करता येईल? यापुढे असे दरोडे पडू नयेत, म्हणून काय काय करता येईल. वेळ आलीच तर शेजाऱ्यांना, पोलिसांना कसं कळवणार? आपण साऱ्यांनी मिळून यावर विचार करायला हवा. उपाय पुढे यायला हवेत. फक्त पोलिसांवर अवलंबून राहून चालणार नाही. आपणही युनिफॉर्म नसलेले पोलिस असायला हवं. तुम्हाला काय वाटतं?


  1. vk said...

    There must be arrangement of siren/switch/iternal alarm like banks from house to house & house to society, at immergency any family member can switch on that and that sound will intimate others.

  2. Anonymous said...

    True..Pune is not safe anymore. And, it would insane to rely on Police in this case, they can't protect you every time. I see only one option,we have to organise oursleves. Forming societies, having a camera installed for a society, or a group of complexes, etc.

  3. Ganesh said...

    In our country, personal security is own responsibility and paying tax as well, if you are getting salary, obviously. Those who are responsible for the security arrangements like Police, have their limitations and some have excuses to run away from duty.

    I have a house in Chinchwad. I have locked that house as I am working at other place. In last week, someone broke the door and searched the entire house and damaged the furniture, cupboard. Fortunately, nothing valuable was stolen. When I sent my brother to file a formal complaint, the police refused to lodge the complaint, arguing nothing valuable was stolen and broking door is normal activity. I was shocked with their response and attitude. “Illegal entry in ones house is normal activity in our country”

    I talked to one of our family friend who is in Police. He told me that, if they lodge the complaint, they have to complete the formality like, visiting the place of incidence and other documentation, which they simply want to avoid. Police also do not have enough staff to cover large areas. By lodging the complaint, the No. of crime in that police station area will increase and they may be questioned. That is the reason some time police refuse to lodge the complaint. Other than these, there is all known “financial benefit” or “police tax” involved.

    The lesson learned is, our security is our responsibility and no one will help you for that.

    After this incidence, I started searching for home security services as well as electronic systems. Unfortunately the prices/charges are so high that only banks, commercial organizations and rich person only can afford it. Linking of theft alarm to nearby police station is such a complicated task that one need to reborn to see it complete.

    There is significant rise in gold and cash related theft in recent months in Maharashatra.
    This is an alarming situation. The increasing difference between the poor and rich, loss of employment in lower segment jobs, loss in agriculture income, and sudden increase in the living cost, specifically in the cities like Pune are some of the few reasons for the increase in crime.

    We can only hope that there are few police, law makers and visionaries who are taking it seriously and will plan to balance the situation. Till that time, sleep tight and hope for best. Be prepare for our own security. I wish a safe and peaceful nights and days for all of us.

  4. wellwisher said...

    It wouldn't be advisable to call the ENTIRE city Unsafe from one or two isolated events. But certainly since such elements are prone to happen given residing unrest and few criminal minds, caution on individual level as mentioned above is highly advisable..thats for sure...
    1> But on the other hand, to crank up security we should also walk along lines of creating social security nos and finger print ids for all our residents. This will ensure quick identification for police force.
    2> Again in line with above para we need to also improve facilities at police stations and equipments available to our police force.
    3> And lastly we need to increase the total police force to MINIMUM of 10,000 i.e ~1 policeman per 500 people.
    The last 3 will definitely help to mitigate and enhance security, though wont eliminate it...nothings perfect in world unfortunately...

  5. Prasanna said...

    It is solely our responsibility to safeguard our house and protect us. In the recent incident there was a mistake to open the door for unfamiliar faces. If we keep an open eye around us and like in foreign countries apply neighbourhood watch idea, I feel we can save such incdents to happen. Police are there to help us but if we are not alert then in some way it is our fault too.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Government should allow normal citizens to carry automatic weapons and for that reason should issue easy licenses. This will create a deterrent for the criminals because then the criminal’s life can also be in danger. Government should create strict laws for the protection of property and wealth. The owner of the property should have the right to shoot and kill any intruder with just one warning. These are the laws in US, which are very effective in containing the crimes.

  7. Anonymous said...

    hi to all.
    well Pune is not at all safe if you look in future problems that we r going to face, all our golden agri land is converted to NA.
    On the other side i also heard that there are some churches in nigdi and pimpri area who fool all innocent hindu people to convert to christianity, by giving them a intuition of curing AIDS, CANCER and TB by just drinking holy water of jesus.
    Shivaji maharaaj asate tar dolyatun aaashru ale asate.

  8. Anonymous said...

    it is true that we can not rely completely on police but it is also very important to have a large number of police force.specially during nights when most of the robbery incidents happen.with police patroling through the city at nights will surely put a break on robbers' movements.it is also important to have cameras installed in buildings premises.there should be more number of security guards in society.the place where i live has more than 15 buldings and number of security guards for such a huge complex is not more than 4 !!! people sould be willing to pay more for their own security.next, all houses should be equipped with burglar alarm.they are cheap and surely a good way to prevent serious incidents.salesman,hawkers etc should not at all be allowed in scociety.there are many ways by which we all can prevent such incidents only if we all unite together and understand the importance of security.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Yes it's 100% true that Pune is not safe now. It's true that we can not depend on Police. We can not rely on security, doodhwala, kaamwaali baai then on whome should we rely?
    I think we should go to Bhai...........they can save us only.

  10. Anonymous said...

    Yes thats very true. Pune is not safe now-a-days. Everyone should have a Pistol/Revolver at home and should have a right of shoot at site. Once the robbers are in the house, any one of the family members can do that. Once this kind of killing is done with the robbers, they may think twice before going fo robbery. My thinking is somewhat weird but this idea can definately work. After all robbers also care for their life.

  11. Anonymous said...

    This kind of incidances are alerts for people , who are living in India (and not in Bharat!!). It is more likely to happen as the rich people are getting more richer and poor people have limited sources to earn money. The difference between the rich and poor people's earning is increasing in Pune due to IT growth.

  12. milind said...


  13. manisha said...

    Not only in Pune, any where in our country we are not safe unless and untill we take care of ourselves as well as our neighbourhood. Now in new apartment system if something is happening in the next block, we try to ignore it saying " aapalyala kay karayachay?" this is dangerous as it may happen to us also. Yes it is not good to interfear too much in our neighbour's privacy, or become too inqusitive in each and every matter. But alog with all professional security majors, we should increas our rapo with our neighbours also. This can help us a lot.

  14. Ramjo said...

    So now you are woken up? Who do you think is responsible for this situation? Who increased rates of properties and rents in Pune? Who allowed Pune to become a cosmopolitan city (against the Marathi city that it was some time back)? It is these "original" puneri citizens themselves who are responsible. Now these guys are attacking police for such incidents. But how many of these guys refuse to rent their property to Biharis and UPiites? If a decent Marathi family can not pay the high rent asked by these greedy gentlemen, then a common comment by these people is, "We get that much money from 'outside' students. So why should we give it to family?". So dear Pune, PAY NOW. We are watching this city for a long time now and we don't feel any sympathy for the victims. These are the guys who have increased rates of properties for quick money; these are the guys who have migrated and polluted this great city; these are the guys who have changed the lifestyle of the city from a simple cheaper one to a luxurious and expensive one, making the life of a common man difficult; these are the people who destroyed the old wada sanskriti and replaced it with unsensitive flat culture; these are the people who sold their wadas to the selfish creed of builders just for few more bucks. No sir, I don't find any sympathy in me for these money-grabbers. This is just a start and there will be many more cruel crimes to follow. These people will now face horrible future - One which they deserve.
    Die Pune, Die.

  15. Anonymous said...

    Pune is new hell on the earth.

  16. Sachin said...

    I think we are the people who should look after our own. If you are buying a luxurious flat..then you are suppose to protect the same. All new things are coming in market..make use of it. Have CCTV cameras and get it paid by owners. Increase security persons. We can do more provided willingness to do..Seen some comments on change in Pune..We have to accept the change.."KALA BAROBER BADALA..VEL AANI KAL KONALA SANGUN YET NAHI" - Hope this will make any sense.

  17. Anonymous said...

    Kick out all the non maharashtrian public out of Pune, 95% problems would be automatically solved. They have screwed up Mumbai enough and now working onto Pune with their wicked spell. Maharshtrians (I am one of them) are too flexible to accomodate all outsiders within them and that's where the seedss of all such activities are sowed....

  18. Anonymous said...

    If police can not provide security, for whatever reason(s), allow bonafide citizens to maintain automatic weapon at home.
    Also do not harras such citizen in legal/police matters if shoot out occurs.
    Possibility of a automatic weapon being present will deter the looters.

  19. Anonymous said...

    Do you think our saftey is just limited to the thefts at home, I think its a wide range. The other news I just read was 'a small 7 year old biy was killed by a truck when he was on bicycle and was coming with some information about source for water for his family.
    It just now making impossible to sustain even for a second in Pune and hence country India.
    The only one solution for this all is, we all have to come together and protect ourselves, protect the Law and punish the people with correct punshiment for breaking the law.
    It was their duty which they all couldnt fultill and I think this is the time where we need one more Chanakya how can place the life of common person in place and form a very powerful nation which can not be break for several 1000 years...
    Are you guys ready for that???? Tynchyatlach houn tyannach thik karnyachi wel aali aahe.

  20. Anonymous said...

    Pune really used to be a beautiful, safe place. but because of non maharashtrians entering & residing in Pune, it has become unsafe.. also causing problems to pollution , rates hiking, losing our marathi tradition etc.

    Just watch around u, how many people now talk marathi. U will find in majority talking in Hindi,

    U go to Trivandrum , u wont find people talking in Hindi. They will talk only in their mother tongue, then why cannot WE ?

    Make non maharashtrians leave Pune, Pune will restore its past glory !!!!!!

  21. Neo said...

    Continuing to the discussion on non-marathi, people should start KILLING as many non-marathi as possible. Just read this news: http://pudhari.com/PuneStanikDetailNews.aspx?news_id=5327
    Even Muslim dogs are top in crimes. So don't give rented houses to any Muslim dog and don't provide jobs to any Muslim dog and non-marathi.
    - Jai Maharashtra.

  22. चैतन्य said...

    पुणं सुरक्षित आहे की नाही, हा फ़ार वादाचा मुद्दा आहे.
    इथे आपण लोक सुरक्षिततेसाठी परप्रांतियांवर अवलंबून आहोत. नेपाळी सुरक्षारक्षकांवर आपण ती जबाबदारी सोपवलेली आहे.
    पोलीस यंत्रणेने यात जातीने लक्ष घालण्याची गरज आहे.
    असो... पण आपला शेजारी जर सकंटात असेल तर त्याला मदत करण्याची आपली जबाबदारी आपण कटाक्षाने पाळ्ली पाहिजे.....

  23. Anonymous said...

    I don't understand...many of posts are talking about getting rid of non-marathis, having gun possessions bla bla bla and that pune is unsafe. Why don't you go to the roots of problem..The main issue is "If an incident takes place" then first do we have enough police force and equipments with the force to handle them efficiently and secondly can such criminals be TRACKED DOWN by means of their identities existing in records in the form of finger prints and state ids...That would certainly put a DETERENCE in minds of such people and REVERSE will be true i.e that THEY will feel afraid to carry out such deeds.
    The main point is such incidences are existing WORLDWIDE and have happened in PUNE as well in the PAST. Don't think it was all clear...The only difference maybe NOS due to increase in population...
    Now about the issue of non-marathis being criminal can be easily mitigated by above mentioned ids creation...In the last incidence as per sakal article people were heard talking in marathi and kannada..so some percentage was marathi, which has to be kept in mind...but important thing is ofcourse WHATS OVERALL percentage?

  24. captsubh said...

    पुणे हल्ली खुपच असुरक्षित झाले आहे हे सत्य असले तरी त्यामागची कारणे शोधून त्यांवर मलमपट्टीऐवजी कायमचे ठोस उपाय केले तरच सुधारणा होउ शकते!
    १)प्रचंड वाढलेल्या लोकसंख्येमुळे व गरीब श्रीमंत यांच्यामधल्या वाढत्या दरीमुळे निर्ढावलेल्या व निगरगट्ट चोर वा दरोडेखोर यांच्याकडून भर दिवसा व रात्री पुण्यात जबरी चो-या,दरोडे करण्याचे प्रमाण अतिशय वाढत चालले आहे.
    २)पोलिसांची अपुरी संख्या,त्यांचे बरेचदा VIP security मध्ये व्यस्त/ग्रस्त असणे,त्यांनी कदाचित पकडलेच तर चोरांचे जामिनावर किंवा लाच देवून लवकरच सुटणे व त्यानंतर कित्येक वर्षेनवर्षे कोर्टात निकाल न लागणे यामुळे चोरांना शिक्षेचा जरब किंवा धाकच राहिला नाही!
    ३)आता नागरिकांनीच चोर पकडावेत अशी सुचनापण येथे काही जणानी आशादायक हेतूने केली आहे!पण प्रत्यक्षात मांजराच्या गळ्यात घंटा बांधणे ही किती कठीण गोष्ट आहे याचा अनुभव नसल्यामुळे पोलिसांचे काम सामान्य नागरिक कधीच करू शकणार नाहित.इथे नमूद केलेल्या वेदविहार सोसायटीमध्ये इतके सेक्युरिटी गार्ड असूनही काय झाले?
    ४)अरबी व इतर कांही देशांत चोर पकडल्यावर गुन्ह्याच्या स्वरूपाप्रमाणे त्याला ताबडतोब शिक्षा काय होते?तर त्याचे हातपाय तोडले जातात किंवा त्याला फ़ाशीची शिक्षापण होते व त्याची अंमलबजावणी ताबडतोब होते व हे सर्व माध्यमांतून तमाम जनतेला दाखविले जाते.यामुळे भावी चोरदरोडेखोरांच्या मनात अतिशय भिती उत्पन्न होते व ते सहसा असे गुन्हे करायला धजावत नाहित.आपल्याइथे या प्रकारे कारवाई ताबडतोब सुरू करण्याची वेळ आलेली आहे!
    ५)नुकतीच राज्यातल्या सतत पडणा-या मोठ्या दरोड्यांमुळे वैतागलेल्या व कंटाळलेल्या सराफ़ांवर ’बंद’ पुकारण्याची वेळ आली होती कारण पोलिस व राज्यसरकार दरोडेखोर पकडण्यात व क्वच्चित पकडलेच तर त्यांना शिक्षा ठोठावण्यात पूर्णपणे अपयशी ठरले आहे!अशी पाळी येणे ही लाजिरवाणी व नामुष्किलीची गोष्ट आहे!
    आपण कधीकधी चोरदरोडेखोर पकडले गेल्याची बातमी वाचतो/ऐकतो पण पुढे काय होते?ते सर्व जामिनावर लवकरच सुटतात व कित्येक वर्षे चालणा-या कोर्ट केसेसनंतर ते पुराव्याअभावी शिक्षा न भोगताच सहीसलामत सुटतात!
    ६)Exemplary deterrent punishment has been the need of the hour in India for quite some time!Prevention is better than cure,but this is possible only if we have the courage to call a spade a spade!
    ७)And all human rights activists should desist from interfering in the police investigative methods!ज्या चोरांच्या मनात चो-या करतांना कुठलीहि दयामाया नसते त्यांचे पुळके घ्यायची गरज नाही.
    ८)द्रुतगती कोर्टांत अशा केसेसचे निकाल त्वरीत लावून severe summary exemplary शिक्षा झाली तरच परिस्थितीत सुधारणा होउ शकेल नाहितर "आलिया भोगाशी असावे सादर" हे आपण सतत अनुभवतो आहेच!
    सुभाष भाटे

  25. Anonymous said...

    HI ALL,


  26. manoj said...

    Hi,i am manoj joshi from pune.so i think pune he agodar hi safe hote ani ata hi ahe,10-12 ghatnani pune safe nahi ase mhanta yenarach nahi,ani ho he je chor astat he bahutek up-bihar wale astat,maharashtrian jast nastat.so ya pasun safe rahnyasathi police department war depend rahane meance totaly wrong ahe,bcaz police kay 24 hours aaplyala security nahi deu shakat.ani te yeiparyant chor chori karun gelele astat.tar yasathi apanach apla rakshan kele pahije.pan tyasathi police department ne new rules kadhle pahije,i mean jar chor pakadla tar tyala jagewar punish karnyacha hakka public la pahije.tyasathi kontihi shiksha public la nasavi,mag chorachi death zali tari chalel,bcaz chorana mahit aste ki kay hoil 2-3 diwas jail.1000 rs dand baki kay honar ahe,pan jevha ha kayda nighel tevha chor sudha ghabartil,ani obviously ya totaly ghatna kami hotil.ani ho afterall aaple pune is a better city in india.

  27. dhanraj said...

    aadhi police na tyanchi duty kay ahe tey tyanna sanga mag, tye tyancha kam sodun nustey chowkat lya corner la thambun no entry madun koni alat tar nuste paise gheyech kam kartat (Bhikari) sarkhe paise ghetat, for eg. laxmi road varil "Hamjekhan chowk" madil police chowki madlaey hawaldar sagle bhikari ahet tey, kharatar tynna permission nahi ahe asa karayela, tari hi asey kam kartat, mag tye kay dorodey khoranna pakadnaar, pls take action seriously, policenana tar rastyavar annon kutraya gat marayela pahije.

  28. Pradeep said...

    Jitakya kahi samasya Punyatil lokana ahet titakyach athawa thodyafar pramanat kami jasti itar shaharat hi ahet.Ekandarit apale Pune apale... shahar mhananya ivaji samast bharatiyani bharatiy yantrane viruddha ladha chalavine garajeche ahe.Mee too karanya ivaji apan.. amhi.. apale hi bhavana nirman vhavi.Shei.Ganeah yanchya ghari gharphodi zali mazya ghari tar nahi na? Hee bhavana nako.Shri. Ganesh eak samajacha ghatak ahet apanahi tyach samajat vavarato apala samaj suraxit rahila pahije hya bhavanetun ladha uthavila pahije.Tarach hi gund giri,darode, chorya va sarvat mahatwacha bhag mhanaje brashtachar yana ala basel.Hya pravrutti ghatasarpasarakya apalyala vilakha gahlat chalaya ahet, tyacha ilaj lavakarach vhava.

  29. Anonymous said...

    I totally agree with what Captsubh says above. Human rights activists are useless in current time. In fact, I have a wish for long to beat-to-death a human rights activist if i can lay my hand on one. First we should eradicate such problem creating entitites from our society.

  30. wellwisher said...

    see this is an important point that I was mentioning about...Its really ridiculous that towards city like Pune, state govt is alarmingly negligent..I would say we need a lot improved ratio of entire state and for that the CURRENT POLITICIANS need to put weightage to get it sanctioned...


  31. Neo said...

    Well that's because the politicians are themselves involved in eating the butter of real estate and other businesses by "importing" more people from out of pune for their own sake. Take for example the case of that M*****F***** Sharad Pawar. This pig is currently building a project called AmanOra in Hadapsar and paying more attention to Cricket than state affairs. The donkey Suresh Kalmadi is busy in bringing F1 races over here (probably Pune?), the useless nephew Ajit Pawar is busy is defeating Congress and the local politicians are busy in taking bribes. God help india. MaNaSe is busy in beating teachers! Shivsena and BJP are nonexistent and powerless. The worst part is these M*****F***** puneiites do not know whom to vote. They vote for the people who import non-maharashtrians and to the people who loot them. Time has come that these bloody b*******s: Sharad Pawar, Ajit PAwar, Kalmadi and all such politicians be taken to the nearest traffic pole and be hanged by poll or be beated to death.

  32. Anonymous said...

    these guy neo stinks.he is just a depressed guy fit to be in mental asylum.he wants to kill and abuse everybody.
    want to keep pune save.learn to accept realities of present day life.money attracts criminals simple.

  33. Anonymous said...

    these guy neo stinks.he is just a depressed guy fit to be in mental asylum.he wants to kill and abuse everybody.
    want to keep pune save.learn to accept realities of present day life.money attracts criminals simple.

  34. Neo said...

    these guy neo stinks.he is just a depressed guy fit to be in mental asylum.he wants to kill and abuse everybody.
    want to keep pune save.learn to accept realities of present day life.money attracts criminals simple.

    First try to write correct english. Well I don't want to kill and abuse everybody; just the dirty creed called politicians and pathetic losers like you. Are you a pathetic human-rights-activist? I bet you do.

    Well regarding your last statement, you are for a BIG surprise. Money attracts criminals? All western countries are richer than us. What is the crime ratio over there?

    Instead of me being depressed, i think it is YOU who is submissive and willy-nilly. So "accept the present circumstances" and die in one of the robberies. My two cents!

  35. Anonymous said...

    well neo forget my english corrections.correct your vision and the way of putting in your view points.the way you assume others to be is really hilarious.it only goes to show you in a lighter shade.
    as for me i am just an ordinary puniety from the old city centre.grown up running around shaniwarwada and am proud of my pune links.
    from your mail i got one thing clear that you too seem one among the group i belong to.feeling the pain of the things happenning.but we are civilized citizens.use the media to explain your view.the only reason for putting in the harsh words is to make you feel how offended one feels using your type of language.
    pune is an educational center with a very civilized population.
    regarding your claims how europe is richer and still with so less of crime rates.let me just inform you that i very much travel and stay in europe and have had my purse with my passport,tickets and things stolen from of these very beautiful european cites and that too at the airport of the capital city.the crime rate in the united states is far higher compared to that in pune for that matter.

    as for me being robbed hopefully I am strong enough to defend myself and my people.keep your 2 cents with you dear.
    apologies for the rubbish english,but thats what happens if you stay in europe.

  36. Neo said...

    Let me reply to you point-by-point.

    correct your vision and the way of putting in your view points.
    The times of putting things properly have long gone by. Please understand that the people -against whom I am talking about- are snakes. Venomous, shameless and parasitic. No talking or arguing works for them. These are the creatures who would loot India even at the cost of it. Why don't you try to tell this to the people who died in the robberies? Or their relatives? Try telling that to the middleclass old man who got beaten by robbers. My vision is not only clear, it is even washed the sap of reality.

    the way you assume others to be is really hilarious.
    Ask a child as to who is the most corrupt entity in India today. I don't think it needs any polling to find that out.

    as for me i am just an ordinary puniety from the old city centre.grown up running around shaniwarwada and am proud of my pune links.
    May be that makes the difference! I am a non-puneiite who loves pune. You are a puneiite who are "proud" about "old" pune which exists no more. There is a deliberate effort to destroy this "old culture" of (erstwhile safe) pune and you are still living in a sort of mythical paradise?

    but we are civilized citizens
    That's what is wrong! We are "civilized"! We accept too much!! So now if Mumbai is gone to thugs, we still accept "others"!!! They are trying to break into your home, but you are "civilized" enough not even to protest in strong words?

    use the media to explain your view
    What happend in all those robberies?
    What happened in Bofors?
    What happened in Afzal case?
    What happened in Sharad pawar's land-grab-case?
    What happens in the thousands of robberies, rapes, thieveries, cheating cases that are unearthed every day all over India?
    Forget about media, common man does not even believe in law.
    And in my case, forget about the law, i don't even believe in your bloody constitution!!

    the only reason for putting in the harsh words is to make you feel how offended one feels using your type of language.
    That's strange!! You are using bad words to protest against "my" bad words?

    pune is an educational center with a very civilized population.
    WAS. How do you otherwise justify the rave party that took place some time back? Was it "educational"? was it "civilized"? I just regret that I did not join the police department. I would have told those guyz what it means to do a rave party in the city of Shivaji Maharaj (and how the Chilly powder hurts in different parts of your body).

    the crime rate in the united states is far higher compared to that in pune for that matter.
    Wrong. The crime rate just appears higher because there are more number of crimes "reported" over there. Police in Indian cities do not even register cases of pick-pocketing because that increases their crime-count (which affects their promotions)... PErsonal experience.

    as for me being robbed hopefully I am strong enough to defend myself and my people.
    Against 15 dacoits? We need you here, Superman !!!

    A last word. Those words used would be far less than what amount to if i actually get my hand on any of these guys. Good day.

  37. captsubh said...

    Without wishing to take sides & join the issue,after reading the detailed point by point reply of Neo on 22 June to anonymous,I,a staunch Puneite who has lived outside incl.abroad find Neo to be realistic,down to the earth & more on the mark than the anonymous who seems to live in the past glory of Pune.If we have to call a spade a spade,certain known political personalities have systematically ruined this once upon a time lovely & सुरक्षित city & made it so unsafe today!
    But when the sansad attack mastermind is getting away with it due to prevarications & procrastination,where does the common man including the victims of robberies/burgalaries & other heinous crimes stand?
    Today's sakal mentions that the lady presidential nominee tried to save/shield the perpetrators of a "murder".Where are we heading?

  38. Anonymous said...

    yes Capt Subh/ Neo.
    maybe you are right that I am still living in that old pune mentality.

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