व्यासपीठ पुणेकरांचे

हा ब्लॉग म्हणजे पुणेकरांचं व्यासपीठ आहे. तुम्हाला पडलेले प्रश्‍न, तुमच्या समस्या सुचलेली उत्तरं, पाहिलेलं चांगलं काही आणि कोणाच्या तरी पाठीवर मारायची थाप... हे सारं तुम्ही इथे "शेअर' करू शकता. पोस्ट, फोटो आणि व्हिडिओ साऱ्यांचंच इथे स्वागत आहे.अट फक्त एकच एखाद्यानं मांडलेल्या समस्येवर, प्रश्‍नावर इतरांनी उत्तरं सुचवायची!

संडे स्पेशल

अवतीभवती घडणारं काही खास...निवडक म्हणजे "ई सकाळ'चं संडे स्पेशल. सरत्या आठवड्यातील चर्चेची घटना आणि मराठी साहित्यात पदार्पण केलेलं नवं कोरं पुस्तक, असे दर आठवड्याला स्पेशल विषय. खास संडे स्पेशलमध्ये.


" रेल्वेने अर्ध्या तासात पुण्यात नोकरीला या...'"

"उरुळीकांचन, वाल्हे (जेजुरी) किंवा लोणावळ्याजवळ रहा आणि रेल्वेने अर्ध्या तासात नोकरीसाठी पुण्यात या...'' अशा शब्दांत पालकमंत्री अजित पवार यांनी काल भविष्यकाळातील पुणे महानगराची संकल्पना मांडली. पुण्यातील गर्दी कमी करण्यासाठी या तीन शहरांमध्ये अल्प उत्पन्न गटासाठी घरे उभारण्याचा प्रस्ताव असल्याची माहिती त्यांनी दिली. तसेच नियोजित "रिंग रोड' शेजारी रेल्वेरूळही टाकण्याचा विचार असून त्यामुळे या ठिकाणी राहूनही पुण्यात सहजसुलभपणे नोकरीसाठी येता येईल, असेही त्यांनी सांगितले. "रिंग रोड'ची योजना अंतिम टप्प्यात आहे. त्याबाबत असलेल्या तीव्र भावना आता कमी झाल्या आहेत. त्याशेजारून रेल्वे रूळही टाकण्याची योजना असल्याचेही त्यांनी सांगितले.
0 समाविष्ट गावांच्या विकास आराखड्यास येत्या महिनाअखेरपर्यंत मान्यता मिळणार. पुणे महानगर प्रादेशिक विकास प्राधिकरणाला (पीएमआरडीए) आर्थिक ताकद आणि अधिकार देण्यासाठी प्रयत्न सुरू मेट्रोचा विचार सुरू आहे.
0 "बांधा- वापरा व हस्तांतरित करा ' (बीओटी) तत्त्वावर ही योजना राबवावी आणि त्यातील फरक शासनाने भरून द्यावा, याची चाचपणी सुरूदौंड, जेजुरी आणि लोणावळा यादरम्यान दुपदरी रेल्वेमार्ग असावा, यासाठी प्रयत्न सुरू आहेत. त्यासाठी केंद्रीय कृषिमंत्री शरद पवार यांची रेल्वेमंत्री लालूप्रसाद यादव यांच्याशी चर्चा. लवकरच पाहणी होणार
0 लातूरच्या पाणीपुरवठ्याची जबाबदारी खासगी कंपनीकडे आहे. तेथील अनुभव चांगला असेल तर पुणे व पिंपरी-चिंचवडसाठीही त्याचा विचार करणार.

काय वाटते तुम्हाला? ही कल्पना प्रत्यक्षात येईल? मुळात कल्पना वाटते कशी?


  1. Anonymous said...

    These are all old ideas that Mr AP is talking. Its good to listen and read ,untill it becomes reality in coming 10 years.

  2. Yogesh said...

    I think this is very good what Mr. Ajit Pawar is saying. Ring Road is good idea. This will help pune to develope in systematic way. traffic chaos will get reduced. Homes will be available on low cost(as builders in pune are selling their flats with extremely high rates. But the most important point is that "you do what u are saying" :-) don't keep your promises on paper....build it practically

  3. Anonymous said...

    The idea seems very good and practical.Thats what happens in the developed world.But in India we've heard of converting Mumbai to Singapore/Shanghai, but all we've had is a disgusting show of infrastructure during the rains for the last 2 years.
    What Mr.Pawar is promising should have happened to Pune atleast 5 years ago. But then Mr.Pawar & Mr. Kalmadi were headlocked over the gaurdianship of this wonderful city.
    I hope they guys can do someting good for Pune.

    Good Luck Punietes.

  4. Jaggu said...

    Amit Karode from Dubai
    I feel it's an excellent idea provided the political parties are sincere about good public transport system for Pune. Recently, I had been to Switzerland and was impressed by the Swiss Rail network. Smallest village and town is connected by railway thereby decongesting the cities and providing cheaper, convenient mode of transport to the people. Unfortunately, in Pune we have more of announcments than actions.
    Amit Karode (Dubai)

  5. Anonymous said...

    Hilarious idea .. ..
    Jejuri is around 45KM from Pune & itself take more than 1 hr to travel from Hadapsar.
    After that you will have to travel through city traffic which will take equal time.
    Imagine if your office is near University or near Railway station. Then only god will be able to help you.
    They not yet realize actual problem. Actual problem is very unreliable, uncomfortable & costly public transport service. If you are getting PMT bus for your office after every 10 minits who will travel on mopeds? At least I am not, but there is no guarantee that PMT Bus will reach it’s destination in 45 minits where I can go in 30 minits on my moped.
    This kind of dream projects can come from only (& only) Builder lobby.
    They are totally neglecting issue of Public transport.

    People sitting in abroad & reading this fantasy on internet will always appreciate the idea.

  6. mukesh said...

    Good .........Very good

  7. Umesh Kolamkar said...


  8. Sagar S said...

    It's a perfect but only when it practically happens.

  9. mrs. sunita bhamare said...

    from new jersey, USA punyachya upnagarat rahun nokarisathi punyat yenyacha vichar jari changla asla tari, pratyakshat matra te avaghad aahe. aajchya sthitila pune lonavla local trains chi sankhya, khupach tokdi aahe. don local trains madhe kiman ek tasacha gap aahe. ani peak hours la local train la attach evdhi gardi aste, ki chadhane sudha ashakya hote. tyamule upnagarakade janatela valavinyaaadhi local trains chi sankhya vadhavine atyant garajeche aahe.

  10. Anonymous said...

    Instead of encouraging people to come to Pune for jobs, these politicians should concentrate on creating jobs in smaller towns. They know that they are not able to do this, so they come up with such ideas for cheap publicity. Such scheme will only add up to the load on Pune's infrastructure for which the city is not prepared.

  11. Mahendra said...

    Yes Idea is good and can be implemented There cannot be any problem if prompt transport facility is available example of people travelling from Kalyan Dombivali to Mumbai can be cited to prompte the idea

  12. captsubh said...

    आधीच अतिगर्दीने त्रासलेल्या पुणेकरांना आणखी यातना देण्यासाठी ही मतलबी योजना राजकारणी लोक पुर्ण विचार न करता सुचवित आहेत.हल्ली तद्न्य लोकांचा सल्ला घेणे बंद झाले आहे व कधी घेतलाच तर तो राजकारणाच्या दृष्टीने फ़ायदेकारक नसेल तर धुडकावून लावला जातो.
    पुण्याच्या अफ़ाट लोकसंख्येमुळे अनेक कुटील प्रश्न उभे राहिले असतांना आणखी लोकांना नोकरीसाठी पुण्यात रोज येता यावे म्हणून आणखी रेल्वेरूळ टाका,रिंग रस्ता बांधा अशा सुचना करणे म्हणजे निव्वळ मुर्खपणा आहे.बंगळूरला व दिल्लीला रिंग रस्ते आहेत पण त्यांच्या दोन्ही बाजून दुतर्फ़ा अफ़ाट घरे/वस्त्या झाल्यामुळे तेथे traffic jam नित्याचेच झाले आहेत.
    लोकसंख्या कमी करा,परप्रांतीयांना थारा देवू नका असे कोणीच म्हणत नाही.प्रथम मुंबईचे वाटोळे केले आता पुण्याची वाट लावत आहेत.३ लाखावरून पिंपरी चिंचवड धरून ५० लाखांची लोकसंख्या पार केलेले व १५ लाखांवर वाहनसंख्या झालेले हे बिचारे शहर आणखी किती सहन करणार?
    Decentralisation & decongestion of all cities should get the topmost priority by establishing new townships away from the existing overpopulated & chaotic towns & cities,but both the politicians & the builder lobby are more interested in making huge profits by allowing property rates to escalate beyond proportions & do not care about the great harm already done in India.
    PMC area was increased by including 23 fringe villages[where politicians/builders had purchased huge land in advance]now that that is not enough,they have grandiose plans to widen Pune boundaries further in all directions in the name of development.
    सर्व लहानमोठ्या शहरांची पुर्णपणे वाट लावल्यावर आता हे कोण धन्वंतरी मलमपट्टी करायला निघाले?मला ही impractical सुचना पुर्णपणे अमान्य आहे.
    मंत्री लोकांनी श्रेय लाटण्यासाठी कांहीहि केले/म्हणले की ते लगेच छापून येणार व येथे comments लिहिणारे कांही महाभाग पूर्ण सारासार विचार न करता लगेच माना डोलावणार त्याचा राजकारणी लोक पुरेपूर फ़ायदा घेत आहेत.
    पुणेकरानो, ख-या अर्थाने जागे व्हा नाहीतर वै-याची रात्र दूर नाही.
    सुभाष भाटे

  13. Neo said...

    Dear Ajit,

    a) We have purchased lands in Jejuri, Uruli-Kanchan and Lonawala in large numbers.
    b) But nobody is willing to purchase those lands at the extremely high per square feet rate that we want to sell them at.
    c) So after looting the middle class of Mumbai and Pune, we now want to loot the lower income group too.
    d) Our builder friends are ready to sell those flats at increasing rates once the LIG starts living there.
    e) For this, we will cheat these bloody foolish Indians who routinely vote us for doing nothing.
    f) Once we sell all our land through our builder friends, who cares about LIG people? Who cares about the railway facilities?
    g) And ultimately who cares about puneiites themselves? These people are our servants and we will treat them as such.

    -Your uncle,

  14. Anonymous said...

    Your reproducing the letter from Maharashtra's great uncle to his only favoured nephew is so apt & true.I am referring to slightly different though not irrelevant subject below.
    See the way the Uncle absolved himself so easily in the patrakar conference called by him of all blame for loss of over Rs.3000/ crores due to import of very poor quality wheat by blaming the BJP for all of country's agricultural ills.
    None of our ministers has the guts to admit even a simple mistake.
    He further qualifies by saying that he had tasted sample of this wheat in his own home.Does the agricultural minister decide such matters by trying out a kg of say wheat or rice before placing orders worth thousands of crores abroad.There is not even any originality in such passing the buck.He blames all others for the decision,for how the wheat went bad,how it was not lifted by the states & the root cause for all of country's ilss is the BJP!
    What inner knowledge & what cheek too!
    Expected a person of his stature/experience to have some guts to own up by calling an axe an axe!Is this part of training for the nephew as our state/country is up for grabs?

  15. Anonymous said...

    अगदी बरोबर. निओ.

  16. Anonymous said...

    Politicians are very good in generating a 'feel good' effect to win over voters. Things go very bad during implementation.

    I somehow do not understand why politicians jump to Metro , Sky bus , Ring roads etc. (Although I do not deny that will make a difference).

    My suggestion is to implement in following order for now.

    1. Buy 1000 buses for Pune city, mix of AC and Non AC Non polluting new buses so that at any stop one does not have to wait for more than 5 mins to get a bus.

    2. Implement smart license (which is already done) and smart license plate to charge road tax based on road usage in city limits. Charge will increase hyperbolically as per usage. Trace non payers with GPS and permanently confiscate/destroy vehicles. (This is already implemented in Singapore)

    3. Get Young and energetic traffic squadrons at ALL junctions for immediate arrest of all traffic offenders and put on traffic rules rehabilitation and learning plan. Second time offenders would be subjected to rigorous imprisonment.

    Money spent implementing this would much lower than speed trains , ring road and sky buses. The government who will succeed to implement this would 100% win elections next time.

    Then think about ring roads, high speed trains and metros.

  17. Anonymous said...

    Let me answer your question:

    speed trains = money to contractor = money to politicians
    ring road = money to contractor = money to politicians
    sky buses = money to contractor = money to politicians

    Considering your (foolish for politician) options, why would they accept them? What is in it for them?

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