व्यासपीठ पुणेकरांचे

हा ब्लॉग म्हणजे पुणेकरांचं व्यासपीठ आहे. तुम्हाला पडलेले प्रश्‍न, तुमच्या समस्या सुचलेली उत्तरं, पाहिलेलं चांगलं काही आणि कोणाच्या तरी पाठीवर मारायची थाप... हे सारं तुम्ही इथे "शेअर' करू शकता. पोस्ट, फोटो आणि व्हिडिओ साऱ्यांचंच इथे स्वागत आहे.अट फक्त एकच एखाद्यानं मांडलेल्या समस्येवर, प्रश्‍नावर इतरांनी उत्तरं सुचवायची!

संडे स्पेशल

अवतीभवती घडणारं काही खास...निवडक म्हणजे "ई सकाळ'चं संडे स्पेशल. सरत्या आठवड्यातील चर्चेची घटना आणि मराठी साहित्यात पदार्पण केलेलं नवं कोरं पुस्तक, असे दर आठवड्याला स्पेशल विषय. खास संडे स्पेशलमध्ये.


कर्वे रस्ता सहा पदरी झाला तर?

कर्वे रस्ता सहा पदरी झाला तर? पुण्यातील अनिल कवडीकर यांनी हे स्वप्नं पाहिलं आणि ते ऍनिमेशनच्या माध्यमातून आपल्यासमोर मांडलं आहे. पादचारी मार्ग, सायकलसाठी वेगळा ट्रॅक, त्याच्याशेजारी बस आणि जड वाहनांसाठी जागा, नंतर इतर वाहनांसाठीचा रस्ता, असा रस्ता असावा, असं त्यांना वाटतं. त्यांनी वाहनतळाची जागा रस्त्याच्या मध्ये ठेवली आहे. खरंच कर्वे रस्ता असा असावा का, होऊ शकेल का?तुम्हाला काय वाटतं? का तुम्हाला काही वेगळं सुचतंय?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Well, it is a part of solution. It must be ensured that the lanes r free of pits!

  2. gopi said...

    Well, it is a part of a solution. It must be ensured that it is free of pits.

  3. NIKHILB said...

    First of all before any sort of such decision is made it should be ensured that proper studies r done & thr is will to do good for our own Pune. 2nd thing is, if 6 lane road is the solution of today, planning should be for next 25yrs. 3rd thing is: in a particular area thr should be involvement of local citizens or engineers from that area. government should take responsibility of completion of any sort of project in time & in least expenditure. they should understand that every citizen of Pune is paying for the project & hence citizens should be least bothered because of any kind of changes. no doubt there will be some inconvenience to all but cases like university fly overs should be avoided. also quality of projects done should be extremely good such that international standards must be set from our projects. ( i.e. instead of following international standards we should set the standards by our work)
    Pune is always known for sparking any kind of change in country so thrs one more chance for 'We' punekars to do so.

    Also this comment is not a part of above Q but I want to make an appeal to all punekars to behave themselves in public. many of us break the signals,drive through no entries, spit on the road, throw plastics & all sorts of garbage on roads & most disgusting attitude is 'Who cares' of very very harmful to all of us.

    so lets make a decision to rejuvenate Pune in to world class city.
    I think this blog should not stop on just receiving comments but some 'movement' must be started.

    Thank you for providing an opportunity to express my views on Pune & its problems

  4. WellWisher said...

    I would say it would solve only part of problem. From my perception one way to deal with issues is to see whats average flow of traffic during traffic hours and how much "overall" load does that road has to handle i.e total volume. That will tell whats the breadth of road advisable and also "need" of public transport.
    Another important part of any road planning is accessment of requirements over length of say 20-30yrs down the line. As a vague guess anybody would easily confirm that metros is the ultimate solution which Karve road has to be developed with viewpoint of.
    So in all salient features would be:
    1. Thoughts and plans to develop two storied flyover for most vital, high traffic roads.
    2. Metros (possibly with maglevs in future) are longterm solutions

    Though metros may feel expensive right now but the recovery of money would be quick with growing population....Best wishes

  5. Ashwini said...

    Well said Nikhilb! Proper planning is necessary for the entire Pune city. aajach esakal var "sadosh 'duct' mule paavsalyat vijecha bojvaara" ha lekh vaachla.
    http://esakal.com/esakal/04202007/PuneF5E7103B0D.htm. Tyavarun he siddha hota ki je planning kela gela te sarva bajunni vichar karun nahi kela gela.. We need a good corporator who will hire experienced and people who have a passion for pune and for the work to to transform our city.
    Maybe we citizens should force the corporators to publish their plans for public and expert scrutiny so that no detail goes unseen and problems can be brought to attention well before hand. One thing is definitely sure that public intervention is very necessary to bring these politicians to their senses.

  6. NIKHILB said...

    Apart from d suggestions I want to ask a Question to the owner of this blog.
    R We all planning to take some action
    on this issue? any plans for starting a movement in the city?
    if none of such things is scheduled then this blog becomes useless........

  7. wellwisher said...

    excellent point Nikhil,
    I hope and also believe in part that via an influencial paper like sakal(having proven their activeness in the form of veerdhaval, young talented swimmer)its certainly possible. Infact I had written mail regarding the same and am glad that they have started it. I think they should also add facility for its readers to themselves open such topics(ofcourse under approval for "allowed ones"). And maybe even partition the topics into different sections so as to maintain important topics like this into their own division and importantly have an opportunity to sketch thier ideas freely. I thank this lovely newspaper in advance and hope this blogger will take better shape...
    Well folks lets be optimistic and hope that one day our city corp(now under NCP) will be fully awakened about city's powerful growth and will not saturate like many major cities have since INFRASTUCTURE IS WHAT SHOWs its INTRINSIC CAPACITY and infact GENERATES more INCOME courtesy of INCREASED TAXES available(hopefully from center depending on city's importance and political influence) to our state
    All the best

  8. Anonymous said...

    i was in techmahindra
    (mbt) and that how i know karve road. i don't think it has space for 6 lanes. the point is not putting eggs in one basket what can't all road in pune be decent forget the width and why can we have many "karve roads" main traffic artery road all over pune ? why can't we have special intiative to spread the population rather than worry about a single road. u might say let see if "works" for karve road and apply everywhere. but be it punes kamladi "Corbon" or double power "pawar" i dont thing will improve with something going horrible wrong. Neither will the pune biker attitue change.. so blog on....

  9. vineet said...

    it's a great thing. But it depends upon us and our political leader.

  10. Ashwini said...

    I am all for the suggestion to start a 'movement' or some group that is ready to take the problems faced by Puneites and the city itself seriously.

  11. Ashwini said...

    THE Traffic Watch group of Centre for Youth Development and Activities (CYDA) has planned to organise an array of programmes from April 23 to 29 when the United Nations Road Safety week will be observed across the globe.

    For more read this article

  12. captsubh said...

    पुण्याची आजची वस्तुस्थिती
    दुर्लक्षलेली व वैतागलेली जनता ओढ्ते ताशेरे I
    सत्ताधारी निर्लज्ज पुढारी वाजवतात नगारे I
    एके काळचे खरे निस्वार्थी व साधे नगरसेवक व रक्षक I
    आजच्या जमान्यांत बहुंताशी झाले राजकारणी नगरभक्षक II

    काही बेफ़िकिर नगरसेवक बसतात अड्ड्यांत I
    एके काळचे सुंदर पुणे त्यामुळे जाते खड्ड्यांत I
    अभागी पुणेकरांना पडला पाणी व वायु प्रदुषणाचा गळफ़ास I
    दमेकरी सोडा,निरोगी माणसांनापण घेता येईना नीट स्वासोःस्वास I
    नको झाले ते जागोजागी सांठलेल्या कच-याचे घाणेरडे वास II

    आधी पास केला TDR चा कायदा,मग गिळंकृत केली भोवतालची २३ खेडीI
    जागा अपुरी ची सबब देऊन दिली १० मजली इमारतींना परवानगी वेडी I
    तरीसुद्धा नाही झाले स्वार्थी व हपापलेले राजकारणी व बिल्डर्स तृप्त I
    हावरेपणामुळे त्यांची झाली आहे विवेकबुद्ध्धी लुप्त I
    अमर्याद लोकसंख्यावाढीची त्यांना नाही कुठलीच फ़िकीर I
    आता बांधु इच्छितात ३३ मजली टोलेजंग इमारतींची ऊभी लकीर II
    वीज अपुरी,पाणी अपुरे,रस्ते अपुरे,पदपथ अपुरे,कणभर काय उरले?
    तरी यांना घाई झाली आहे लाटायची सर्व काही उरलेसुरले I
    पर्वतीवरच्या झोपडपट्टीवासीयांना दिली घरे बिबवेवाडीला I
    त्यांच्या जागी आले नवीन बेघर लोक कायमच्या निवासाला I
    त्यानंतर अनेक ठिकाणी नवीन झोपडपट्ट्या वाढत गेल्या I
    झोपडपट्टीवासियांना फ़ुकट घरे देण्याच्या घोषणा होत गेल्या I
    तशा खात्रीच्या एकगठ्ठा मतपेट्या वृद्धींगत होत गेल्या I
    झोपडपट्यांच्या २.५ FSI चा बहुंताश भाग प्राइम जागांत विकला गेलाII

    यांच्या ढवळाढवळी व दुर्लक्षामुळे PMT चे झाले पूर्ण वाटोळे I
    म्हणुन लक्ष विचलीत करण्यासाठी BRT चे पुढे केले होते सोनेरी वेटोळे I
    पुणे सातारा BRT रस्यावर १ महिन्यात गेले कांही मनुष्यबळी I
    आगामी काळांत चढवणार आणखी निरपराध नागरीक सुळी I
    कोट्यावधी रुपये खर्च करून पुणे सातारा रस्ता केला होता रुंद सिमेंटचा I
    BRT च्या वोल्वो बसेस धावण्यासाठी पुन्हा फ़ोडून अरुंद केला अडथळ्यांचाI
    बोगोटा व अन्य फ़ुकट परदेशवा-या करणा-या नगरसेवकांना जाण नाही I
    जनतेच्या भावनांची कदर वा मनाची वा जनाची लाज नाही I
    प्रवाशांच्या व नागरीकांच्या सुरक्षीततेची जाणीव व काळजी नाही I
    BRT चालणा-या सुंदर बोगोटा शहरात आहे विरळ लोकसंख्या I
    ३८ लाखांच्या पुण्यांत आहे अतिप्रचंड पादचारी व १५ लाख वाहन संख्याI
    तरीहि कुर्मगतीने का होइना BRT बस चाललीच पाहिजे I
    १०० मीटर उंच इमारती झाल्याच पाहिजेत,skybus आलीच पाहिजेII

    पुण्याच्या PMC/PMT वर गरज नाही कुठल्याच पुढा-यांच्या मक्तेदारीचीI
    गरज आहे नव्या पालिका आयुक्तांनी व कर्मचा-यांनी नेमलेले काम मनापासून करण्याची I
    वर्षानुवर्षे भ्रष्टाचारामुळे लांच व छुप्या चो-यांमार्गे झाले अप्रामाणिक मालामाल I
    मनाची लाज नाही तरी जनांसाठी तरी करतील काय शहराची थोडीतरी देखभाल ?

    पुणेकरांनी निवडलेल्या पुढा-यांना लाज,लज्जा,भाड,भीड,अब्रू,मर्यादा,सीमा नाही कां?
    PMC कारभारांत ढवळाढवळ करण्याचा हक्क राजकीय पक्षांना आहे कां?
    या महाभागांना पुण्यनगरीच्या नागरिकांबद्दल थोडीही खरी कळकळ असती I
    तर मरथान,फ़िल्म फ़ेस्टीवल व उदघाटने या कार्यक्रमांपलीकडे काम झाले असतेI
    पुण्यांत अतिशय गर्दी करायला बाहेरवासीयांच्या झुंडी आल्या नसत्या I
    'विकासा'चा जप करत काढलेल्या बहुतेक योजनांची वाट लागली नसती II

    रस्त्यांवरच्या ट्रफ़िक जाममधे धुर सोडत असंख्य वाहने झगडतात इंचाइंचासाठी I
    मोड्क्या,अपु-या पदपथांवर चालणे अशक्य करते बिचा-या नागरिकांची दाटीदाटी I
    अशा पुण्यांत स्वैर वावर करू शकते फ़क्त निर्ढावलेल्या कार्यकर्त्यांची दमदाटी I
    पेन्शनरांच्या पुण्यांत काय टिकणार लटपटणा-या म्हाता-यांची अंधूक नजरद्रूष्टी व काठी II

    निवडणूका जाहीर होताच पाठवले पुण्याहून दिल्लीतल्या मंत्र्यांना आमंत्रण I
    महिनेन महिने पुण्याची आबाळ करणा-या मंत्र्यांना मगच आली पुण्याची आठवणI
    धावत आले करायला नवीन प्रकल्पांच्या ग्रानाईट कोनशीलांचे उदघाटन I
    त्यांना नाही फ़रक पडला जरी झाले पुणे शहराच्या वाहतुकीचे विच्छेदन I
    अतिमहाग कोनशीलांवरची तथाकथित पुढा-यांची नावे करतात त्यांना अजरामर I
    सामान्य नागरिक करत असतात पोटापाण्यासाठी आजन्म मर मर II

    सत्ताधारी नगरसेवक होते इतकी वर्षे मारत माशा I
    सर्व जुन्यानव्या पक्षांना पुण्याच्या कायमच्या सत्तेची आशा !
    निकालानंतर गुंडाळला आधीच्या सत्ताधा-यांनी गाशा I

    तरी सर्व भांडकुदळ पक्षांची एकच कास I
    पुणे शहराचा फ़क्त आम्हीच करू शकतो विकास I
    सर्व सत्तेचे उपभोगी म्हणतात आमची आहे विकासी द्रुष्टी I
    लवकरच वृद्धींगत करु पुणे व आसपासची सृष्टी II

    पुण्याच्या सहनशील नागरीकांच्या स्वाभिमानाकडे करतात दुर्लक्ष I
    तथाकथीत पुढा-यांचे असते फ़क्त नागरीकांच्या मतांकडे लक्ष I
    कोप-या कोप-यांवर विजयी छोट्यामोठ्या पुढा-यांचे भव्य आकर्षक फ़लकI
    जनतेला माहित नसलेल्या त्यांच्या दिव्य कार्यांची झलक II

    सामान्य जनता म्हणते खूप पाहून झाले आता ते बास I
    मक्तेदारीचा व मनमानीपणाचा ना तुम्हाला पास II
    पुण्याच्या सहनशील जनतेचा आता एकच ध्यास,
    थांबवा आमच्या प्रिय शहराचा विकासाच्या नावाखाली -हास II

    सुभाष भाटे

  13. captsubh said...

    Shri.Anil Kavadikar,
    You have done a great job with your post as well as the video animation & deserve all compliments!Only thing is absence of thousands of human beings & their vehicles,which is the real picture obtaining today not just in Pune,but all cities/towns.There is never a mention of population control by the leaders or bureaucrats!Our population is growing exponentially and all improvements,all 'vikas,harit kranti etc etc are groaning under sheer numbers!
    If you are an alumni of D.G.Bhave school,you will have pleasant memories of Deccan of those days!
    Subhash Bhate

  14. kiran said...

    I think so before making any suggestions for this project,we should check feasibility of completing of work.We have lots of citizens in pune who r realy contribute some good advice.but we should ensure that we have enough support from govt. too.its really very good idea,there r some if's and but's but we will some solution. So as per my view instaed of planning, we should implement something thats what i think.

  15. Anonymous said...

    I remember that it used to be so pleasant to walk on roads like karve road, university road once upon a time even during hottest summer. Any progress should never be destructive, but constructive. There is no problem that the road becomes wide but not at the cost of trees. We should plan it such a way that every 5 ft. distance there should be a tree.

  16. wellwisher said...

    hey everybody, I had almost thought if they had taken this blog away since pune pratibimba wasn't placed in front...anyway...
    well instead of merely complaining what issues we got I think we should dedicate our time to put forth "what improvements one thinks could be made"...like Ashwini has said that if possible we should also act. This sounds like 50yrs back freedom struggle wherein MASS had to act to fight out the system..SO this period is similar with one difference that now in addition to phones, newspapers we also have internet to RAISE the issues...
    I am placing certain suggestion which some of my friends had placed on some other blog discussion similar topics
    1. "We need a tunnel from Bavdhan to Law college road or ARAI (Paud phata junction)
    Right now Paud phata and Karve road are taking extra traffic going from Aundh,
    Bavdhan, Baner, Sus, Hinjewadi to Deccan.
    If we have this tunnel, Paud road and Karve road will not have to take this
    additional traffic."
    2. ".How about making the tunnel such that it also
    takes into accout the possibility of metros in future...or maybe have
    flyover + metros....Trust me its not gonna be that bad maybe around
    2-3k Cr rupees which is nothing in presence of huge direct tax
    collected each year from maharastra each year....or they could just
    PRIVATISE it like it happened in Mumbai...I am sure japs or some other
    international companies could be strongly interested..japs, germans
    and chinese currently have maglevs....we should advertise and attract
    those investors.....Pune definitely has name to attract them...the
    only bottleneck would be OUR SLEEPY SNAILPACED CORPORATION....I think
    part of it is curruption as well....."
    3. "1. over bridge from Paud Rd to Deccan should have been build long way back
    .. still NOE done.
    2. SNDT bus stop should be shifted to or near to Paud Rd bridge..saperate
    for KArve Rd busses and saperate for Poud Rd busses.
    3. better there should be separate lane for buses .. buses mess up traffic
    a lot.
    4. there is NO space to build flyover at Nal stop - big problem ...
    5. they already cut down trees ...also no public platforms (i mean where
    ppl can walk.. those all donated to Anda bhurji wala's)
    6. tunel work from balbharati to poud rd should have been completed by now
    .. but some environmentalist and few politicians are fighting line mad
    donkies... (environmentalist are not problem but the politicians.... )
    there was proposed tunnel which would have saved lot of trees to cut but
    smart vakharwale proposed cutting of trees and build normal rd."

    Now on top I also felt to add that now that NCP is in power (with alliance, whatever) they should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER the plans of SEPERATE DIVISION within PMC for ROADS DEVELOPMENT. They also had a meeting in presence of Shree.Pawar, our union agriculture minister but it was not considered by then ruling congress(for which they later payed price)
    I hope that the political parties should have such THINK TANKS which also look into such Blogs, so that they could know WHAT PEOPLE REALLY WANT....

    All the best

  17. Anonymous said...

    I fully agree with wellwisher's comments dated pm 25th inst & the subtle humour in it!Can we know yr identity too?

  18. wellwisher said...

    I am koustubh, am a physicist by profession...take such opportunities provided at blogs to express thy thoughts...i believe its our moral RESPONSIBILITY to some extent to take part in such integral elements, however small they look but in the end "thembe thembe tale sache". In most developed countries this forum culture has been firmly anchored in their societies...take for instance possible presidential candidate hillary clinton, she has website dedicated to communicate with people via forums....I am sure this will be take off pretty soon...

  19. captsubh said...

    In the animated model,the parking spaces are shown in middle of the road,which is not practicable as all car occupants will need to cross the lanes for fast vehicles both after parking & when leaving, to reach/depart from the shops or offices!!!!!!!
    Unless there are tunnels/viaducts to cross,crossing will be risky!And just few viaducts will not be enough!
    In any case,in Pune,even where nice clean viaducts exist like near Modern high school,Mhatre pool etc,Deccan etc,most pedestrians still do not use them & jeopardise their & others lives by jaywalking across busy roads!

  20. Anonymous said...

    There is one more way to reduce trafic problem. Offcourse the way I was thinking is quite costly but will solve problem definitely considering length and all limitation. They can construct 3 layer road, bottom layer and upper layer must be one way and keep midle layer as existing road to go general shoping and all. As per me this should reduce hell lots of trafic problem. Its my thought, I travel daily from Karve road and I am very much familier about length and limitations of Karve Road.

  21. wellwisher said...

    hello anonymous, thy thoughts are synonymous with what i had thought too april 19th...but like you said its expensive but doable by means of "privatisation". Infact I just feel that we need comprehensive privatisation in various sectors like even in garbage collection and "PROCESSING". I might actually send separate link about the details on how that sector could be profitable if handled properly..
    You know one solution about handling trafic in meanwhile that such thing(which i am sure will happen one day) would be to build long bridge right on top of MULA river with height such that it by passes all the bridges that currently exist....That along with one built on karve road will almost permanantly solve the issue atleast for traffic along THAT PARTICULAR ROAD. TO deal with entire city they MUST SERIOUSLY CONSIDER METROS....infact I read on sakal few days back that some civic official named patwardhan had brought it up....we need that to be taken up by our DEARLY POLITICIANS, since thats where it matters the most....

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